Mitchell Herrera

 MITCHELL HERRERA is one of the premier talents of the new generation of mambo dancers and instructors in South Florida blessed with the magic to teach you how to dance. Mitchell's skills make dancing look natural and easy, making the dance fun to watch, entertaining you throughout the entire song without prepared routines and according to the music. These skills make Mitchell one of the most sought after mambo dancers and instructors locally and online. 

Born in Santiago de Cuba, the origin of "the rhythm," Mitchell had a strong interest in the arts at a young age starting in the livingroom with a very old radio and his mother teaching him the basic step at age 5 in 1982. It is this very background that inspires Mitchell's dancing and has garnered many dance achievements. He refers to his dancing persona as, "I dance to the rhythm, improvise and go with the composition and structure of the music, being conservative with the proper way to dance." Mitchell's life is "old-school" mambo, a pioneer of the palladium mambo era.

Mitchell is the dancer's dancer. He has an innate talent admired by many. His contagious footwork and smile, full of charisma, is immeasurable. His Cuban dance roots helped develop many of the fundamental steps utilized today. With a dance arsenal bursting with flavor, he can glide across the dance floor with musical interpretation and delicate precision. You never know what to expect next. But, it will be 100% exhilarating and enjoyable.