How do I redeem my groupon voucher?



  1. Purchase a new student offer!
  2. Sign up for your desired class time.
  3. Come to class and HAVE FUN!



Congratulations on purchasing your Voucher! Ready to get started?


  1. View our full class schedule online here.
  2. Select any (beginner) class you want to join before the voucher expires,
  3. Simply come to the first class with a printout of your voucher or a cellphone w/app to allow us to redeem your voucher. 
    There's no need to call or make a reservation; we have ample space.
  4. Come dressed comfortable to dance! Our dress code is casual dressy (i.e. Date Night).  Wear clothes that "breathe," particularly in hotter weather.  For men, we suggest a light t-shirt under your regular shirt to absorb perspiration (not pleasant for the ladies to hold you if your shirt is soaked!). For women, wear clothes you will feel comfortable moving around in (can be casual to more dressy). Keep jewelry to a minimum as that can get caught and/or can scratch or hurt your partner. Of course good comfortable clothing should go hand in hand with good hygiene.
  5. Plan to arrive 10-15 mins before class. We strongly recommend you do not miss the beginning of class. This will be the MOST important part of class for all beginners. the basics are explained and it can be difficult to catch up once you miss this portion. *Students arriving 10 mins after the hour will not be able to jump into class.
  6. Can't find us? Call (954) 588-0452


NO. You do not need a partner to start learning how to dance salsa. Nearly all beginner group classes accommodate students with no partners. There are ladies that come by themselves, there are guys that come by themselves. During class we rotate from one person to the next. It's fun, sociable, and you will practice your dance moves with different people.
For private dance lessons, if you do not have a dance partner, you will be dancing with the instructor or assistant instructor if applicable. Remember that the price for private lessons is the same if you come alone or with a friend.   
In case you do have a partner, please remember that there are some advantages and disadvantages to dancing with the same person consistently. Advantages of having a partner is that you have someone to practice with on a regular basis, which is great because a lot of practice is very important. However, practicing with only one partner should be avoided, since your lead/follow will adjust to the partner's mistakes or you will learn to automatically anticipate their moves from sheer habit. So as soon as you start dancing with someone else you may encounter problems. While developing the leading and following skills, it is best to dance with a lot of different partners so you don’t rely on your partner to know your moves and compensate for your mistakes.

What shoes should i wear?

For a beginner class, special dance shoes are not necessary. Wear shoes with leather or other hard soles that are somewhat slippery and will not catch on smooth floors. You want to be able to spin and slide... not stick. For men, a thinner, more flexible sole is better than a thicker, rubbery sole. For women, flats or heels are fine, ideally shoes with support around the ankle. Avoid shoes with an open back (i.e. flip-flops).

At a more advanced levels ( Intermediate, Advanced, or Dance Teams) especially for followers who spin more, dance shoes are conducive to spinning will be required (thin leather or suede soles are ideal). Running shoes are not recommended.